About Shaun Batho

Designing has been my passion since a very young age. I love working through the dimensional puzzle of space and light to make all the pieces of a home fit perfectly for an ideal layout of living areas. I work with my clients to create a flow and feel that is consistent throughout the design. Creating inviting comfortable, and functional spaces is a vital aspect of my design work. I enjoy bringing in the outdoors with large windows and doors allowing the light to fill the room and views to become natural works of art. Since hanging up my shingle in 2001, I have worked with numerous contractors and tradespeople throughout Berkshire and Columbia Counties and have assembled a group of exceptional craftspeople with attention to quality and details. 

My goal is to create spaces for my clients that they dream of living in. Whether it’s a new screen porch or an entire house, I will work closely with you to understand your wants, needs, and dreams, and then we will work together to design your perfect environment.This is about you and the surroundings you want to live in. With client input, we work through the floor plans, identify feel and aesthetics, and choose building materials and fixtures that will result in a cohesive and innovative design for a memorable living experience

My talented pool of tradespeople makes it possible for me to put together the perfect team to ensure your project comes together as designed and within budget.

I look forward to hearing about you and your project.


The design and documenting services are tailored to the scope of each individual project.  The process is very much client-driven and focused on making smart design and construction decisions based on the extent and budget.

  • Initial Consultation: We meet at your site to discuss your desires and needs as well as a budget target. 
  • Proposal: I submit a proposal which outlines the scope of the project, phases of work and fee schedule. 
  • Schematic Design: We evaluate the site/existing structure to work through Schematic Design drawings for review. 
  • Design Development: We tweak the design to make sure it is what you envisioned.
  • Fit and Finishes: We also choose specific finishes, details and specifications. 
  • Construction Documents: With the approval of the design drawings and design development items, I will complete the Construction Documents. 
  • Construction Support: The finished documents can be used for detailed pricing/bidding, permitting and construction. 
  • Bidding and Procurement:  I will work with you through this process as much as is needed as you choose the contractors for the job.
  • Construction: I will then also be available to review work in place or clarify items as construction is taking place.


  • Design development from beginning to construction

Available as separate services as needed:

  • Site/existing conditions consultation
  • Schematic design and design development 
  • Construction documentation